Soaps for Men

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We don’t need harmful additives to create the highest quality handmade soaps for men on the market. We don’t even include unnecessary dyes or colorants. What we do include is soy, shea butter, castor oil, olive oil, glycerin and other natural ingredients. Our cold process, reduced water method results in long-lasting, rich handmade soaps that will leave you feeling refreshed without drying out your skin. We use only the finest fragrances in our handmade soy soaps.

Unlike some men’s soap lines, which offer limited variety, Friendly Fumes handmade soy soaps include a wide selection of masculine scents. You’ll find popular fragrances like Drakkar, and lesser known scents based on woodsy vetiver, deep musky sandalwood, and spicy cinnamon. Our Bay Rum has been called one of the most pleasing variations on the old favorite out there, and our lighter, citrusy handmade soy soaps include herbal and floral tones without being overwhelming.

The combination of castor oil, olive oil and soy give our handmade soaps for men a rich, thick lather you won’t find in other brands. Castor oil is known for its regenerative and healing properties, and olive oil is rich in vitamins and antioxidants to revitalize and nourish skin while locking in moisture.